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I cant preperation

working up 500 new posts(hopefully all new), about halfway there, then ill be setting it to autopost 3 a day for the next 5 months. I got me work cut out.

I can’t Posting

So for those of you that know me, ignore this first chunk, for those that don’t, I be a busy busy bee, making them video games, working 10 hours a day because I can fun and fucking love my yob.

That being said, I’m opening my ask and submit box(cause i can’t tumblr and dont know which fucking does which) and am accepting ideas for more posts. my plan is to mass produce and have it as scheduled posting so while iI slaving away having fun, tumblr will be posting shit for me. just send me the idea and ill make the image myself, no work involved for you

Note that not every submission will be posted, and the only rule is that there cant be verbs, only nouns. If you dunno the difference between a verb and a noun, then you cant english, and thats not my fault. :D

Anyways, hopefully in the next 2 weeks or so, this will eb setup and the posts will keep on rolling and im prolly gonna limit it to 2 posts a day instead of 3 just for the sake o stretching it out. until then, I cant farewell

(i cant spelling or grammar either)

Its been a while…..

Back to posting :D